Municipality and schools to tackle inequality of opportunity in Het Hogeland –


The Highlands – The municipality of Het Hogeland and the school boards in the municipality have 100,000 euros available in the coming years to increase equality of opportunity for children. This money comes from the government.

The municipality of Het Hogeland and the school boards have joined the Equal Opportunities Alliance (GKA). In this, schools, municipalities and social partners work together to increase equality of opportunity.

At the GKA, the connection between home, school and environment is central. Pupils in primary education are guided in their way of working, independence and resilience. They are given tools to develop optimally within their own possibilities. This eases the transition from primary to secondary education and creates a more promising future.

For the GKA agenda, the municipality is expanding its collaboration with Prosperous Groningers. They are already carrying out a number of other projects with and for the schools in Het Hogeland. Promising Groningers goes for future-oriented education, equal opportunities for all students and a good connection to the (future) labor market. The schools are currently making plans together with the Prosperous Groningers. It will become clear later this year what exactly happens with this money.

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