‘Referendum’ asks Russians to join the Netherlands

‘Referendum’ asks Russians to join the Netherlands
‘Referendum’ asks Russians to join the Netherlands

Arjen Lubach is known as a notorious prankster. Of course, tastes differ and you have to love them. Such as the hilarious America First, Netherlands Second video from 2017 addressed to the then newly elected President Trump. Well, this week Lubach and his team came up with something fun again.

Russia ‘again’ with the Netherlands?

Russia (read: Putin) thinks they can hold a referendum in a country that doesn’t belong to them (Ukraine) and ask the residents there if they wouldn’t rather join Russia. If they can do it, so can we, says Lubach. So he and his team came up with the Russia referendum.

In it, the Russians are asked whether they would rather join the Netherlands. Of course with good arguments, such as the ‘friendship’ between Putin and our King, which goes back to the marriage between Anna Pavlova and Willem II and of course also Putin’s daughter who already lives in the Netherlands. Well, see for yourself. Not with a serious look of course, but mainly to have a good laugh. There’s enough misery in this world right now, right?

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