Answers to your questions about the APB: ‘Customization is complicated’ | NOW

Answers to your questions about the APB: ‘Customization is complicated’ | NOW
Answers to your questions about the APB: ‘Customization is complicated’ | NOW

Our political reporters Priscilla Slomp and Edo van der Goot were ready for an hour to answer all your questions about the General Political Reflections. Here you will find an overview of the best and most frequently asked questions. Do you want to read all questions and answers? Then click here.

Clamps: Will the state pension increase by 10 percent as of 1 January 2023 or step by step?

“The AOW will indeed be increased by 10 percent in one go from 2023. As a result, this old-age benefit will increase along with the minimum wage. That link is laid down in law.”

“There is a small but. Because in addition to the increase in the AOW, the IOAOW will be reduced and completely abolished in 2025.”

“This IOAOW is a supplementary income for retirees. The increase in the AOW is partly paid for by this abolition. To give an idea: the costs of increasing the AOW are 2.4 billion euros. Abolishing the IOAOW yields 1 .8 billion euros, so it’s a little bit like a cigar from its own box.”

Theo: Why isn’t the government making the netting scheme permanent?

“The cabinet expects solar panels to become cheaper and cheaper in the long run, even without the subsidy scheme. They will pay for themselves well within the lifespan of 25 years anyway. The state treasury is also missing out on a lot of money. For example, the government misses out on hundreds of millions in energy tax. The cabinet can then use these resources for something else. The overload of the electricity grid also plays a role.”

“It has turned out to be politically complicated to start the phase-out plan, because many people are still using it. The phase-out was postponed again this spring. That time until 2025. The end date of 2031 is still standing, but the amended bill still has to go to the House.”

Corrie: What will happen to the district heating rate? Ultimately, this is linked to the gas price.

“That is not yet known. The cabinet announced yesterday that it will work out the price ceiling for energy in the coming weeks. The cabinet members will also look at how they can fit households connected to a heat network in the measure. about expected.”

“Minister Rob Jetten (Climate and Energy) is also working on a plan to separate the gas price and heat price, but this is certainly not possible for next year. The new Heat Act will take a while.”

Zwier: Will there be compensation for people who do not use gas?

“People with a heat pump, for example, consume a lot of electricity and little gas. In normal circumstances, that is more sustainable and cheaper, because gas is more expensive.”

“With the price ceiling, households with a heat pump threaten to exceed the price ceiling because of the large power consumption. In that case, they pay the current, much higher rate. Then gas that is below the price ceiling can be cheaper.”

“Prime Minister Mark Rutte has promised that the cabinet will look into this. But customization is complicated, he immediately warned. ‘No guarantees’ was his message.”

Ton: My wife is dependent on oxygen for 24 hours for medical reasons. Is there somewhere I can tell my story about compensation?

“At the moment there is no specific regulation for people who use more energy for medical reasons. There are concerns in the House and the cabinet is also aware of this vulnerable group, Rutte said yesterday. that he does not want to give the impression that the cabinet can solve this. The House has requested the cabinet to investigate with urgency whether something can be arranged.”

Reijnders: Are there parties that suggest easing sanctions against Russia in order to be able to obtain cheaper gas again?

“Yes, the PVV, FVD and van Haga do that. They voted in June for a motion by Van Haga in which he called for the sanctions to be stopped. It has also been discussed in the debate in recent days. leader Geert Wilders that he condemns the war, but that he does not want the sanctions to hit Dutch citizens harder than Russia itself.”

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