Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht celebrates 125th anniversary and opens new extension

Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht celebrates 125th anniversary and opens new extension
Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht celebrates 125th anniversary and opens new extension

The Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht (CGU) is 125 years old this year. The starting signal for a year full of festive activities will be given on September 29. Then the official opening of the new extension will also take place, which concludes the renovation and expansion of the historic building on Koningsbergerstraat.

The Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht has distinguished itself from the start through their active and lively student associations. The students not only aspire to a good education, for which they are prepared to make an optimal effort, they also want to develop their talents and develop this with and for others. For example, in the first year of its foundation, the school already knew the cultural association Ars en Amicitia: many forms of culture are practiced there and visible in performances and performances. In the fields of sports, debate, chess, literature, film and even a film festival where films made by pupils are presented, the pupils are active at school.
And this is again visible in this lustrum. The lustrum festival, in which the students organize many activities at school from 12 noon to midnight for fellow students, parents and local residents, includes a talent show, escape rooms and lectures.
Two students will perform the opening act and after that the birthday school is literally embraced by all students and employees.
The school has been given a modern extension and the monumental facade has been renovated. The historic building, which has housed the CGU for fourteen years, was in dire need of renovation. Rector Ineke Schaveling: “For years, the building had been too cramped for the number of students. We now have extra rooms and modern study places that do justice to the qualities and ambitions of our students.” Due to the construction, the school will grow to 1050 students in the coming years, a growth of
about 70 students.
The architect has safeguarded the uniqueness of the building by using a lot of glass, “a sign of transparency for us,” says Ineke. “In addition, he has succeeded in allowing the original building, with the tile artwork de PAUW, to flow nicely into the new part. The artwork has recently been restored and the peacock is now proudly looking at our students and teachers again.”
Although classical languages ​​and classical antiquity play an important role within the gymnasium, the CGU does not dwell in the past. On the contrary: “We have an active role in the current discussion about equality of opportunity, social mobility and inclusiveness. For example, we are the driving force behind the Utrecht Social Service Time trajectory for education, in which equality of opportunity plays a prominent role. A former student provides training courses on inclusiveness to students and colleagues through the Dare to Dream Foundation, and together with Utrecht University we also develop training courses on equality of opportunity and inclusivity. We are also developing a profile for a confidential counselor for pupils and staff with a non-Western migration background and we are approaching primary schools to provide parents with information. Our expertise, developed with the
colleagues in the educational practice of the big city, we share about equality of opportunity and inclusiveness with students of the teacher training courses (our cooperation partners) and within the school group.
The Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht is a categorical grammar school and one of the schools of PCOU Willibrord. PCOU Willibrord offers students a place to learn, grow and develop at twelve secondary schools and thirty primary schools, all with their own unique educational profile.

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