up to 2030 about 1300 additional charging points

up to 2030 about 1300 additional charging points
up to 2030 about 1300 additional charging points

More public charging stations and fast chargers will be added more quickly in Utrecht in the coming years. The municipality of Utrecht is increasing the pace: from twenty to about thirty charging stations per month. According to the municipality, approximately 1,300 public charging stations will be added by 2030, which can be used by two cars.

In addition to the public charging stations, 460 fast chargers will also be installed at nineteen shopping centers and sports facilities in the coming years. There will also be fast chargers for taxis around the station and about sixty along the ring road around Utrecht.

It is expected that by 2030 a fifth of passenger cars in Utrecht will be electric. For the growing number of electric cars in the city, about twenty charging stations are installed per month.

“That is sufficient to meet the current demand”, can be read in a council letter about the charging station plan. “At the current pace, the number of charging points will continue to grow to approximately 3,800 in 2025. However, in 2025 there is a need for approximately 4,600 charging points. In order to meet that demand, the installation rate will soon increase to approximately 30 charging stations per month.”

Walking, cycling and public transport

In neighborhoods where charging stations will be installed in new locations, residents will be informed in advance via a neighborhood message. This gives them the opportunity to respond to the proposed locations.

“We are working on a healthy city for current and future generations,” says alderman Eva Oosters. “Many Utrecht residents walk, cycle and use public transport. Sometimes cars are still necessary, so it is good that they are electric as much as possible. That is why we provide sufficient charging stations. If more and more people start driving electric, we will have less harmful air pollution in our city.”

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