Minister De Jonge wants fewer migrants in the Netherlands

Minister De Jonge wants fewer migrants in the Netherlands
Minister De Jonge wants fewer migrants in the Netherlands

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Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Housing) believes that fewer migrants should be taken in in the Netherlands. The migration balance is too high, he says in the Nederlands Dagblad. He does not want to give a concrete number, but it must be “a lot less” than the current migration balance.

‘I’m not going to name a number; we will have to formulate that together.” According to De Jonge, the migration balance – how many more people move to the Netherlands than leave abroad – is now more than 100,000 people per year. The minister says that “middle parties ignore demographic developments” because “we At a certain point it started to consider it a right-wing theme.” However, the Netherlands cannot afford “not having a grip on migration”, says the CDA minister in the interview with the newspaper. He also refers to labor migrants.

In politics The Hague, it is continuously said that the Netherlands cannot influence the migration balance because of international treaties, but De Jonge does not think that this is a conclusive argument. “There are countries around us that are really doing better. You can’t shrug at a growth that is potentially disruptive to everything we care about.”

It is not the first time that De Jonge has argued for fewer migrants. He did that several times in 2020, when De Jonge was in the running for the CDA leader, and also once he was elected party leader.

The Rutte IV coalition agreement states that consideration is being given to working with a “policy guideline” for labour, knowledge and asylum migration, partly in order to get a better grip on migration.

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