Kiek op Utrecht – Liszt Utrecht | News030

Kiek op Utrecht – Liszt Utrecht | News030
Kiek op Utrecht – Liszt Utrecht | News030

In this section you will always see a recently taken Utrecht photo (and sometimes several).

When: Friday September 23, 2022, 12:00 pm

What? The international piano festival ‘Liszt Utrecht’ will take place in TivoliVredenburg between September 22 and 29. The name used to be: Liszt Concours. Ten international pianists compete with each other in the Hertz hall: who will be the winner of Liszt Utrecht 2022. Of course it revolves around the music of Franz Liszt, but in addition to this permanent composer, each edition puts a different composer in the spotlight. This year it is Franz Schubert.

Up to and including Monday, each day has a fixed layout, where you can watch the ten pianists at work in different rounds. At 12:00 it starts with the All-Liszt piano recital: two pianists play original works by Liszt one after the other. At 2:30 PM, two pianists will perform separately in a chamber music recital. At 17:00 you will hear two pianists accompanying a soprano with songs by Liszt and Schubert. And then at 8 p.m. the festival day ends with two pianists “sinking their teeth into Liszt’s demanding piano transcriptions of Schubert’s song cycles.”

On Thursday evening, September 29, the final will be held in the Grote Zaal with three finalists. They will perform as soloists in a performance of Schubert’s Grosse Fantasie ‘Wanderer’. The pianists are accompanied by the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. After that, the winner of Liszt Utrecht 2022 will be chosen.

The photo in the Hertz hall was taken just before the Russian pianist Vitaly Starikov (27) was to perform four less well-known poetic pieces by Liszt that day. I didn’t dare to take a picture of him while playing, afraid that it would be at the expense of his playing. I later heard in the corridors of some Liszt fanatics that he is aiming for a winner. In 2021 he already stood out in the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Belgium. So that’s why it’s nice and safe to see a picture of a poster in TivoliVredenburg with Vitaly Starikov on it.

Through: Thick Binnendijk

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