Jumbo CEO Frits van Eerd will temporarily step down as director

Jumbo CEO Frits van Eerd will temporarily step down as director
Jumbo CEO Frits van Eerd will temporarily step down as director

Last week, the tax intelligence and investigation service FIOD raided Van Eerd’s home and Jumbo’s head office as part of a money laundering investigation. The Jumbo CEO was also interrogated.


Van Eerd is one of the nine suspects in the investigation. He was detained for several days. He has since been released, but remains a suspect in the case.

The decision to temporarily withdraw was made after consultation with his family and the supervisory board, Jumbo said in a statement. “This is in Jumbo’s interest and also makes it possible for Frits to fully concentrate on his personal situation.”


According to the supermarket chain, his resignation has consequences for the management of Jumbo. The company expects to be able to announce more about this soon. The day-to-day operations are currently in the hands of the management team.

100,000 employees

Jumbo is, after Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. The group has more than 700 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, together accounting for a turnover of almost 10 billion euros. The company with 100,000 employees is wholly owned by the Van Eerd family.

All shares in the supermarket chain are owned by father Karel and his children Frits, Colette and Monique van Eerd.

According to the OM, the money laundering was done through real estate transactions, car trading, unexplained cash deposits and sponsorship contracts in the motocross sport. In addition, there is a suspicion of VAT fraud in the car trade.

Parties in the sports world sponsored by Jumbo previously indicated that they were waiting for the judicial investigation. “Caution is in order here, we are waiting for the facts to be on the table. We have been in contact with Jumbo; the management and marketing continue as usual,” said manager Raymond Vermeulen of Formula 1 driver Max sponsored by the supermarket company. Verstappen about that.

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