Hours of waiting for the boat to and from Texel due to a malfunction

Due to a malfunction on one of the ferries, it is currently very busy at the boat to and from Texel. At the end of the morning this afternoon there was already a traffic jam along the Pontweg on the island as far as Den Burg. This is reported by media partner Texelse Courant.

Due to the malfunction, only one boat, the Dokter Wagemaker, is sailing, which means that no extra sailings are possible this weekend. TESO reports on the website that there is a waiting time of four hours for departures from Texel. If you want to go from Den Helder to Texel, you have to wait three hours.

The outage started last weekend and the cause of the outage is not yet clear, according to TESO. “We could let the boat sail again, but because we do not yet know the cause of the malfunction, safety will then be at risk,” explains Arjen Poelman, spokesperson for TESO. “We are currently receiving support from suppliers from all sides and we are working hard on it.”

“We expect that the highest peak on Texel has passed. We don’t know yet in Den Helder”

Arjen Poelman, teso

It won’t be possible to get the problem solved this weekend. “This results in long traffic jams. Especially on Friday, because on this day it is always busy to the boat.”


On Wednesday, TESO already informed travelers about the expected crowds. “As unfortunate as it is, they have to join the queue. We expect the highest peak on Texel to be over. We don’t know yet in Den Helder.”

Traffic on the Pontweg will be directed to the cycle path near the Leemkuil. Traffic is then directed to the stabling area and the boat via the emergency stabling area.

TESO is currently struggling to keep to the timetable; according to a spokesman, they try to load the boat as optimally as possible.

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