‘Ridouan Taghi forced lawyer Weski to pass on information from EBI’

‘Ridouan Taghi forced lawyer Weski to pass on information from EBI’
‘Ridouan Taghi forced lawyer Weski to pass on information from EBI’

Under pressure from her client Ridouan Taghi, lawyer Inez Weski smuggled messages out of the Extra Secure Institution (EBI) in Vught. That is what André Seebregts, Youssef T’s new lawyer, claims. “It seems that she too cannot withstand the enormous pressure exerted by this man.”

That’s what lawyer Seebregts said on Tuesday during a new introductory session in the court in Amsterdam of Youssef T., cousin and former lawyer of the alleged top criminal Ridouan Taghi. “Weski is a very skilled lawyer. She has integrity and a very powerful personality. We also see indications in the file that she would rather not do this.”

39-year-old Youssef T. is suspected, among other things, that he would have helped Taghi in plotting a violent outbreak from the EBI. He would also have been the link between his detained cousin and the outside world. He was arrested on October 8 last year when he visited Taghi in the EBI.

According to Seebregts, Youssef T. was ‘not the only lifeline out there’. According to him, the file is “full of indications” that Taghi communicated with the outside world well before his lawyer cousin first visited him in March 2021 at the EBI. And even when that series of visits had started, according to Seebregts, there was ‘a parallel line of communication’ via lawyer Weski.

Six murders
Taghi (44) has been detained in Vught since his arrest in Dubai in December 2019. In June, the Public Prosecution Service demanded a life sentence against him in the Marengo trial. Marengo revolves around six murders and a number of attempted murders.

Youssef T. indicated at the hearing on Tuesday that he no longer has confidence in the investigative team that is investigating his case. He refused to cooperate with a final interrogation last month.

‘Measuring with two standards’
According to him, the police and the judiciary are solely focused on him. He wondered aloud whether there is ‘double standard’, referring to a lack of attention for the other line of communication. He has stated that he is prepared to answer questions during the substantive hearing of the case, which is scheduled for December 14, 16 and 19.

Ridouan Taghi is also a suspect in this case, but the Public Prosecution Service will only decide whether to prosecute him when the case against cousin Youssef has been settled.

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