Public Enemy: Book of Revelation S01E01: startling developments

Public Enemy: Book of Revelation S01E01: startling developments
Public Enemy: Book of Revelation S01E01: startling developments

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Detective Chloé Muller (Stéphanie Blanchoud) has never given up hope that she will find her sister, who went missing 20 years ago. In Public Enemy: Book of Revelation (Ennemi Public: Le Livre de la Revelation) – the third season of the series, which has now appeared as a mini-series on Netflix – she gets one step closer to the mystery when the man who is probably involved in the case is arrested in a meadow after a disastrous shooting with two police officers. Earlier in the episode, Muller tells her father that ‘he’, the kidnapper or murderer, is ‘here’. He never disappeared, he always lived in the Ardennes, ‘among us’.

But the mysterious figure is injured during his arrest and falls into a coma. In other words, Muller cannot yet interrogate him and is initially in the dark: does the suspect still have women under lock and key? Fortunately, serial killer Guy Béranger (Angelo Bison in an excellent role) comes to the rescue of the officer. He does have an idea of ​​what the detainee would be capable of. Moreover, there is a shortage of time, he tells Muller: women who are stuck could starve. Or worse. So it seems that Muller will have to join forces with Béranger again with great reluctance.

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Béranger in turn, as was already hinted at in the second season, has been given more freedom and during car rides from the monastery where he resides to the village, during smoke breaks, he makes an inventory of which children all live there. So he also has a perverse agenda, in a season that, judging by the first episode, can shoot in all directions. The comparison with The Silence of the Lambs (1991) comes to mind again: Muller will have to swallow her contempt for Béranger for the investigation. And Béranger will perhaps demand even more freedom. The question is whether that should be allowed.

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