Famke Janssen regrets playing Bond girl for this reason

Famke Janssen regrets playing Bond girl for this reason
Famke Janssen regrets playing Bond girl for this reason

It’s a role many actresses can only dream of: playing a Bond girl. However, this honor was also reserved for our own Famke Janssen. During a recent interview she looks back on it, but it wasn’t really fun after all…

Janssen appeared opposite Pierce Brosnan’s 007 in GoldenEye, in which she plays Xenia Onatopp. The film, in which Brosnan first incarnated the famous secret agent, was well received and did well at the box office. However, Janssen says it was also quite difficult.

She says that it was especially not fun how she was treated by the press in one go after her big break. She had a lot of trouble with this: “After ‘GoldenEye’ I really felt like I was being thrown to the wolves“.

The attention simply didn’t stop. Good attention, bad attention, and everything in between. I immediately understood: any actor who thinks he or she can control the press is wrong. In the end the press wins anyway“.

According to Janssen, the press has created a certain image of her that she can’t get rid of: “My friends and family know that I can be crazy and playful by nature, but I’m also very sensitive. The characters I play are completely different. However, the press has created an image of me that makes the whole world think I’m just always playing myself on the silver screen“.

Janssen does not feel like this, so she also shields herself: “I think that makes me earn less than other people. I don’t date famous people. I’m not on social media. You always pay a price for fame, and I just don’t want to pay for it“.

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