Pierce Brosnan’s three boys look like him!

Pierce Brosnan’s three boys look like him!
Pierce Brosnan’s three boys look like him!

The famous 007 James Bond Pierce Brosnan is the proud father of five children, three by himself and two children adopted from his first wife. The 69-year-old actor also stars in the new Black Adam and seems to have passed on his talents and good looks to his children.

Despite Pierce’s advice “Don’t act, because it’s hard work. You build yourself up but you also destroy yourself,” does 39-year-old Sean Brosnan play in movies. He started, like other child stars with parents in the film industry, with a role with his father in Robinson Crusoe.

The youngest two sons, 25-year-old Dylan and 21-year-old Paris, do work behind the scenes. Even though they stood out in 2020 with their work at the presentation of the Golden Globes. They feel they have learned a lot from their father when it comes to preparing, having a passion for what you do and being able to laugh at yourself.

Dylan is a musician and puts demos online until his first album is ready. He also acts as bassist for several bands. Dylan never tells anyone who his father is. Friends are sometimes very surprised when they meet Pierce Brosnan at home. Dylan thinks his father is a kind man. “I always thought my father had a lot of friends. He can talk for a long time with people who approach him on the street.”

Like his father, Paris paints and surfs because he lives either in his parental home in Malibu or in their home in Hawaii. He is also a model for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana. When his father offers him to work with him on the film set, Paris jokes: “I then become a personal assistant, the one who makes the lunch.”

More about the interview with Pierce, Dylan and Paris – and the beautiful photos of them together – can be found in GQ’s article here. Pierce also made a video for GQ. It’s on YouTube and below.

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