Alexandria Daddario has two secret weapons for a fit body

Alexandria Daddario has two secret weapons for a fit body
Alexandria Daddario has two secret weapons for a fit body

The 36-year-old Alexandra Daddario from the film San Andreas has been in the film industry for some time. Where she didn’t really stand out, she does with her role in the series White Lotus. She just got the series Mayfair Witches completed and in between the shoots she got married in real life.

In the September issue of Women’s Health she tells us that with her long days on the film set, she has two secret weapons to keep body and mind healthy: yoga and acupuncture. “When I do that together, it feels like a computer reboot. It helps me sleep better and reduce stress.”

Be strong
Since the movie Baywatch she faithfully does weekly full body workouts at the gym to stay strong. She also goes swimming in the ocean and walking in nature. “I notice that my body recovers better if I can attune myself in nature.”

When it comes to nutrition, Alexandra also looks at what her body needs to be strong. She starts with a cappuccino and a breakfast of yogurt and fruit or toast with vegetables and eggs. Lately she has had a turkey and pasta sandwich for lunch for dinner. When she has nights off, she packs more protein and vegetables.

Predictable body
In the Women’s Health video below and on YouTube, Alexandra tells us that she has a predictable body. If she doesn’t take care of herself and works too hard, she already knows exactly how her body is going to react.

She finds balance very important and also tries to be relaxed in life. She likes to take good care of hair and skin, preferably with natural products, but there are also days when she leaves everything for what it is.

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