280 dogs taken from controversial breeder in Eersel

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The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has taken 280 dogs from a controversial dog breeder in Eersel. According to Omroep Brabant, this is certainly the tenth time that the NVWA has inspected it.

According to a spokesman, it is possible that the inspection cannot be completed today and that inspectors will have to continue tomorrow. “We carefully review each situation with inspectors, vets and behavioral therapists. Every enclosure and every individual dog has to be checked and that takes time,” the spokesperson explains.

Last month was the last raid at the breeder. That day, 29 dogs were taken into custody because they needed immediate medical attention. The owner of the breeding farm was instructed to improve the conditions for the animals. Some of the dogs turned out to be in a worse condition today, according to the NVWA.

According to the NVWA, there were too many dogs in one pen and many pens were dirty:

Almost three hundred dogs seized in Eersel

During previous inspections, the NVWA found dirty pens, poor drinking water quality and too little floor space in the pens, among other things. The animals also rarely went outside.

Destination plan

In November, a judge ruled that the breeding farm had to close before 2023. Not because of the situation of the dogs, but because the company is in conflict with the zoning plan at that location. The owners of the company were given six weeks to relocate more than 400 dogs. The owners were not given a breeding ban, because the lawsuit was only about the zoning plan.

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