Panel members Secret Duets stunned by golden throat Maik de Boer: ‘What a voice’

Panel members Secret Duets stunned by golden throat Maik de Boer: ‘What a voice’
Panel members Secret Duets stunned by golden throat Maik de Boer: ‘What a voice’

Singing is certainly not one of Maik’s daily activities, but in Secret Duets the stylist proves that he has a beautiful voice. Together with Lisa he sings ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ by ABBA. After the first round, in which Maik hides behind a large disco ball, panel member Soy Kroon knows the identity of the secret singer directly guessed. “Suddenly the penny drops! I know him very well.” Holly Mae Brood and Gerard Joling, on the other hand, are in great uncertainty: “He is an older man, I really don’t know yet…”

With the hints – including the program Life4You of Carlo and Irene, peasant clothes and an orange tie – the panel does not get any further. When Gerard starts talking about the boots with huge heels, Lisa finally gets the hang of it: “Yes! Now I recognize the voice too. I only know one man who wears such boots.”

However, the other panelists in the next round still have no idea who is behind the ball. And that while Soy knows from the start that the stylist is on the other side of the wall: “Oh, this is so nice, this is more fun than participating from the couch at home.”

When it turns out to be Maik after the last round, everyone jumps with either surprise or joy. Lisa and Soy are the only ones who are right in the end. Holly Mae has written a question mark because she has no idea who Lisa has been on stage with. It turns out to be a bit embarrassing afterwards, because: “Maik used to come to our house a lot. My mother was a stylist with him. How bizarre that I didn’t know this.”

When presenter Jamai Loman asks how Maik is doing, he replies: “Guys, I have a dry mouth. What the hell have I started again?” But soon the compliments are flying around him, including from Holly Mae: “What a voice you have, man! I really didn’t know that about you.”

We don’t see the stylist doing much with clothes on television anymore and he has a good reason for that, he also says between nose and lips: “I feel myself getting a bit too old for that. Last year I had all kinds of other nice done things like Celebrity Apprentice and The Picture Perfect.

Secret Duets can be seen every Thursday at 8.30 p.m. on RTL 4.

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