‘I was more unhappy than ever’

‘I was more unhappy than ever’
‘I was more unhappy than ever’

During the broadcast, the entrepreneur spoke openly about her burnout that she suffered from a number of years ago.

Expensive stuff

Gulsen has always been a disciplined entrepreneur, and the results that soon followed proved that. Yet Olcay admitted on Saturday that she was unhappier than ever during her success, despite everything she had. The entrepreneur referred to the expensive things she bought at the time.

Olcay explained that she grew up in a difficult home situation. There was domestic violence at home and her father is schizophrenic. During her burnout, she realized: “I may be more unhappy than that girl who had nothing to eat.”

Olcay Gulsen about mental health

Gulsen said that she started taking stock during this difficult period. “I went very deep before I got to that point.” In her own words, Olcay always suffered from ‘oversaturation’ and ‘dissatisfaction’, which also appeared during her entrepreneurship. “If I had sought help earlier, I would have gotten out sooner.”

What you eat and how you live not only affects how you look, but also your (mental) health. Dietitian Wendy explains how a healthy lifestyle can help prevent various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, dementia, burnouts and depression:

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November 19, 2023

The article is in Netherlands

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