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Last week, the police warned 95 people in a special national campaign to stop downloading, possessing and distributing child pornography. In addition, the homes of 55 people were raided as part of the week of action.

During the searches, a total of more than four hundred data carriers, such as USB sticks and hard drives, were seized for further investigation. No one has been arrested yet.

The people who have received a warning are not suspected of playing a major role in a child pornography network or of possessing new material from unknown victims. With the warnings, the police mainly want to prevent these people from slipping further. They have therefore been referred to the organization Stop it Now!, which can offer help to quit.

“We see that many people download and distribute images of child sexual abuse. With this behavior they maintain the demand,” says detective Annemiek van Noord of the National Unit’s Combating Child Pornography and Child Sex Tourism Team. With early intervention, the police want to prevent these people from continuing and “posing a risk to children anywhere in the world”.

For the people whose homes were searched, there were, for example, multiple reports or the possession of images on a larger scale. The Public Prosecution Service will assess whether the seized material provides grounds for a criminal investigation.

People who continue with their activities despite the police warning can also expect that an investigation will be started into them.

  • 04 sep 2023 om 11:48

    Opgepakte oppas uit Schagen verzamelde acht jaar lang kinderporno

  • 13 jul 2023 om 18:37

    In 2022 bijna drie keer minder meldingen van kinderporno dan jaar ervoor

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