Underage British duo who stabbed girl to death will be jailed for at least 20 years

A police photo of the two perpetrators of the murder of Brianna Ghey

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A girl and a boy from Great Britain have been jailed for at least 22 and 20 years respectively for the extremely violent murder of 16-year-old Brianna Ghey. The two were 15 years old at the time.

The two were friends with Ghey and lured her last year to a park in the village of Culceth, which is between Manchester and Liverpool. They stabbed her there 28 times with a knife. They were arrested shortly after the murder.

The pair had discussed the murder and other possible murders at length and chose Ghey because they considered her an easy target, the judge said.

Ghey was a transgender girl. During the investigation, the police denied that the motive for the murder was hatred against a transgender person. However, the judge stated that this was partly true.

Surveillance images show how the pair approached Ghey at the park and walked with her:

Cheshire Police
Brianna Ghey (in white coat) walks with her murderers

The highest punishment was for Scarlett Jenkinson. She had a fascination with serial killers and wanted to kill someone herself, she had told her childhood friend and co-perpetrator Eddie Ratcliffe.

Before the trial, a psychological examination was carried out on Jenkinson and co-offender Ratcliffe. Jenkinson was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, which may explain her lack of empathy.

Judge Amanda Yip also acknowledged that, “but that does not reduce your guilt,” she told the teen at the sentencing. She called Jenkinson sadistic and the driving force behind the killing spree.

No mitigating circumstance

Ratcliffe was diagnosed with a mild disorder on the autistic spectrum, but the judge also hardly saw this as a mitigating circumstance. The judge stated that he was not under Jenkinson’s control and also supported the murder plan. He had made transphobic comments about Ghey and encouraged Jenkinson’s murderous intent.

Because they are minors, the pair’s names were not used during the trial. They were referred to as ‘Girl X’ and ‘Boy Y’. Due to the heinous nature of their crime, the judge decided that their names can now be released.


The family of the murdered Ghey says they hope that the two will never be released. “I have moments when I feel sorry for them because they have also destroyed their own lives,” mother Esther Ghey said in a statement.

“But then I’m reminded that they had no empathy for Brianna when they left her bleeding after their planned and horrific attack. An attack that was carried out not because Brianna had done anything wrong, but only because one of the perpetrators was trans hates people and because the other person thought it would be fun.”

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