The American elections could easily take a different turn because of Taylor Swift

The American elections could easily take a different turn because of Taylor Swift
The American elections could easily take a different turn because of Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and her new love Travis Kelce after a game of his American Football team Kansas City Chiefs. Some Republicans are convinced the relationship was staged by Democrats.Image Getty Images via AFP

The Republicans are starting to get nervous. Not because of the infighting between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley, but because of Taylor Swift. The party is afraid that the American singer-songwriter (34) will interfere in the election campaign and that she will soon express her support for Joe Biden, the current Democratic president. Four years ago, Swift also supported Biden and called Donald Trump a threat to democracy.

Swift already had many fans back then, but her popularity has only grown in recent years. That may be true, but how is it possible that a political party is, so to speak, more afraid of this musician than of Joe Biden?

According to music expert Leo Blokhuis, this has to do with the current status of Taylor Swift. “I don’t think the artists themselves are necessarily important, it’s ultimately about the numbers. And there are a lot of those Swifties (fans of Swift, ed.) and they are very loyal. The figures that this artist achieves with streaming, sales and concert tickets… It is so different that this could well be a factor in the presidential elections in November.”

Blokhuis emphasizes that this mainly concerns new voters. According to him, young people are less on the Republican track anyway. “It is also challenging in the US to mobilize young people for elections. I think Taylor Swift can play a role in that.”

279 million followers on Instagram

The latter is endorsed by American expert Raymond Mens. He follows the American elections closely and explains that an earlier call from Swift on her Instagram account (279 million followers) to register for the elections clearly had an effect. “As a result, 35,000 voters registered one day after this call, a condition for voting. It says something about Swift’s influence, now also on a political level. I haven’t seen that before with any other artist.”

We all know the examples of musicians who commit themselves to a campaign with a song. Think of the song Don’t Stop (thinking about tomorrow) of Fleetwood Mac, which was inextricably linked to Bill Clinton’s campaign, or Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen that was used – albeit misinterpreted – by Ronald Reagan.

Mens doubts whether these artists had any further influence on the voting behavior of Americans. “That could be a different story with Taylor Swift. During the previous elections in 2020, we saw that the difference in a number of states, such as Georgia, was less than 20,000 votes between Biden and Trump. There will be just as many Swifties living in a state who follow the political preference of their great idol and vote for the Democrats. They may be able to ensure that Biden wins a majority in one or more states.”

Boost for the economy

According to American media, Biden’s campaign team is doing everything it can to bring in Swift as an artist who openly supports the Democrats. He could use that as his popularity has also shrunk considerably among his own supporters. They think he’s too old there. With the endorsement of world star Swift, the Democrats hope to win over many voters again.

Taylor Swift has already shown how her concerts boost the local economy. Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour is the most lucrative concert series in American history. The enormous production not only generated a significant turnover in and around the stadiums, its fans spent even more money. A survey of Swifties conducted by software company QuestionPro shows that their predominantly young fans spend about $93 million per show. That amounts to about $1,300 per person.

New love Travis Kelce

In the meantime, some Republicans are trying to damage the singer’s reputation. Because Swift not only steals the show on concert stages, she will most likely also be present at the Super Bowl on February 11, the sporting event of the year in the United States. Swift has been in a relationship with Travis Kelce, one of the most important players of American Football team Kansas City Chiefs, since last year. His team qualified for the Super Bowl, so there is a good chance that Taylor Swift will be extensively featured during this sporting event.

Some Republicans see that as a conspiracy. They are convinced that the Democrats have done everything in their power to hijack the television moment par excellence. It would be the perfect place for Swift to express her support for Biden. Trump supporter Mike Crispi claimed the Super Bowl final was rigged to spread “democratic propaganda.” Even Swift and Kelce’s relationship was allegedly staged.

Republican Vivek Ramaswamy, who dropped out of the presidential race earlier this month after the Iowa primaries and now supports the candidacy of Donald Trump, also hints at a conspiracy. “I wonder who’s going to win the Super Bowl. And whether there is an important announcement coming from a couple that was artificially put together last fall,” said Ramaswamy on X.

According to Raymond Mens, it says something about the fear among Republicans of the influence of Taylor Swift. “Her security has been further increased. What she achieves is unprecedented even by American standards.”

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