Despair among family of kidnapped Rotterdam man: ‘He is innocent’

Despair among family of kidnapped Rotterdam man: ‘He is innocent’
Despair among family of kidnapped Rotterdam man: ‘He is innocent’

The family member dismisses stories that the man was kidnapped because his son was involved in the theft of a large batch of cocaine as nonsense. The family member only wants to talk on the basis of anonymity because he is concerned for his own safety and that of his father.

“The son of the kidnapped man is being framed by the kidnappers. He has a normal job and leads a normal life here. He is not that rich at all. I suspect that the kidnappers want to blame him for that rip deal. “


According to the family member, the kidnappers have embezzled a valuable shipment of cocaine and are playing a double game. They have, he claims, kidnapped an innocent person to give the impression to the higher bosses that he was responsible for the theft of the cocaine, instead of them.

The police say they are aware of the rumors about a stolen shipment of drugs, but say they are still taking all scenarios into account. “We must stick to the facts and do not want to create tunnel vision.”

The kidnapping happened on Zoutziedersstraat in the Delfshaven district. The van then took off towards Mathenesserweg and Taandersstraat.

The van, a stolen black Ford Transit Custom 3, was seen on the Haringvliet Bridge around 8 p.m. It has been missing ever since.

The kidnapped man is taking medication and is undergoing medical examinations. The family member emphasizes that he has nothing to do.

45-year-old man arrested

The 71-year-old man is well known at the An-Nasr Mosque, a few blocks from his home. At that mosque this afternoon there were people coming and going for Friday afternoon prayers. Many of them know the man and call him a ‘regular face’ at the prayers. He also occasionally gives Quran and Arabic lessons to young people.

No one wants to say anything about what may have happened to him. “Of course we talk about it and there is gossip, but it remains gossip,” says a mosque goer. “Nobody knows what really happened.”

A 45-year-old man from Zwolle was arrested earlier this week for the kidnapping. This afternoon he was told by the examining magistrate that he must remain in pre-trial detention for an additional 14 days. The Public Prosecution Service suspects him of involvement in the kidnapping.

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