US attacks targets in Syria and Iraq after fatal attack on Americans in Jordan | Abroad

US attacks targets in Syria and Iraq after fatal attack on Americans in Jordan | Abroad
US attacks targets in Syria and Iraq after fatal attack on Americans in Jordan | Abroad

The United States has launched attacks on targets in Syria and Iraq. These follow an attack on a US base in Jordan a few weeks ago, which left three dead and forty injured. “Our response began today,” US President Joe Biden said.

Syrian state media report that “American aggression” has caused several deaths and injuries in places in the Syrian desert and near the border with Iraq. Six pro-Iranian fighters have been killed in eastern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says. The numbers have not been independently determined.

The US Department of Defense reports that air strikes have been carried out on targets in Iraq and Syria. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRC), among others, were targeted, as well as militias affiliated with that movement.

More than 85 targets are said to have been hit. Command centers, intelligence centers and ammunition stores are said to have been bombarded. Storage facilities for unmanned aircraft are also said to have been targeted.

The attacks are believed to be the first in a series of US retaliation for the recent attack in Jordan. US President Joe Biden said those attacks were the work of “radical Iranian-backed militant groups active in Syria and Iraq”.

Biden said on Friday that facilities used to attack the US had been bombed. “Our response began today and will continue on targets we choose, when we choose.” Biden emphasized that the US is not looking for a conflict in the Middle East or elsewhere in the world.

First American death since unrest in the Middle East

It was the first time that American soldiers have been killed by enemy fire in the Middle East since the October 7 Hamas attack and the outbreak of war in Gaza, it was reported. CNN about the attack in Jordan.

The US and its partners in Iraq and Syria have been attacked more than a hundred times since the unrest in the Middle East. However, those attacks did not cause serious injuries or damage to infrastructure, according to US officials.

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