Farmers’ blockades in at least four places in our country, possible asbestos on fire | At home and abroad

Farmers’ blockades in at least four places in our country, possible asbestos on fire | At home and abroad
Farmers’ blockades in at least four places in our country, possible asbestos on fire | At home and abroad

Farmers took to the road again with tractors on Friday evening to take action. According to the ANWB, the highway was blocked in at least four places. The fire brigade suspects that asbestos has been dumped on the A1 near Markelo and may have been set on fire.

The A1 between Rijssen and Markelo was closed on Friday evening. One lane will remain that way all night due to clearing work. There is rubble and other waste, some of which has been set on fire, a spokesperson for the Twente fire brigade told

“There are a number of plates that could contain asbestos. We are not yet sure whether those plates have also burned. But we at least suspect that they are there. To find out exactly what is going on, we We have a Hazardous Substances Advisor on site.”

Car tires and pallets were also on fire on the hard shoulder and on the verge, the daily reported Tubantia.

There were also angry farmers on the A7. That highway was closed in both directions in two places: near Hoorn in North Holland and near Drachten in Friesland. Farmers also drove onto the N31 there. The road near Hoorn is now open again in both directions. At Drachten the road in the direction of Heerenveen is still closed.

Furthermore, farmers drove onto the A12 near Utrecht with tractors. “Fires are started there,” says the ANWB spokesperson. One highway entrance would be closed.

Dozens of tractors wanted to take the A12 near Gouda, but that is according to… Broadcasting West prevented by the police. The officers directed the tractors to an embankment along the highway.

Since earlier today, several border crossings have been closed due to blockages at the Belgian border. The border at the Markiezaat junction (A4) is open again, the crossings at Hazeldonk (A16) and Eersel (A67) are still closed.

Letter for the King’s Commissioner

Earlier this evening, a group of farmers with forty tractors went to the provincial government building of Utrecht. It is not clear whether the same group has now entered the nearby highway.

The farmers presented a letter with “important action points” to the King’s Commissioner Hans Oosters. According to his spokesperson, he has agreed to convey the letter to outgoing agriculture minister Piet Adema and Utrecht representative Mirjam Sterk of nature and agriculture.

According to RTV Utrecht most farmers came from the east of the province, from the area around Woudenberg and Renswoude. A load of manure has been left at the entrance to the provincial government building.

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Farmers Defense Force warned of ‘wild actions’

There were also farmers’ protests in the Netherlands on Thursday evening. The actions had been announced in Groningen and Gelderland, but a small group of farmers also spontaneously went to Dam Square in Amsterdam with tractors.

Action group Farmers Defense Force (FDF) said farmers were going to stage “wild actions” until Tuesday. The action group referred to the border regions with Belgium, where several highways were blocked.

Representatives of FDF will meet on Tuesday, according to leader Mark van den Oever. The action group then wants to discuss a major, national action. That action should take place next weekend.

In 2022 and 2023, several large-scale farmers’ protests took place in the Netherlands. The farmers lack future prospects due to the stricter nitrogen approach. Nitrogen emissions must be reduced and the forced buyout of farmers is also on the table.

Improvement due to incorrect information provided to An earlier version of this message stated that the fire brigade suspects that asbestos has caught fire on the A1. That is not (yet) necessarily the case. The fire brigade suspects that plates containing asbestos have been dumped. It is not yet clear whether they were also set on fire.

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