PSV keeps transfer chagrin at bay, but takes a critical look at Lang’s injury

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After a hectic transfer week, PSV is working towards the charged away match against Ajax in relative peace. There is no room in Eindhoven for grumpiness due to failed transfers or arguments with departing players, but there is realism at the club and an urge to look ahead again.

“Am I disappointed? Not at all.” Trainer Peter Bosz told the press conference on Friday how he experienced the past transfer week. There was little time for a transfer, but no hasty decisions were made.


Of course, PSV had wanted to add 21-year-old attacker Couhaib Driouech to the selection, but because Excelsior could not find a suitable replacement for the footballer, the transfer was not made.

Driouech said on Friday evening that a move to Eindhoven had been close: “I felt like it was very close. I was already in the car. On the highway. We didn’t know where to go. Either we go to the right, or we go to left. Ultimately it became left-wing.”

Driouech: ‘Could have gone left, could have gone right, it turned out to be left’

PSV was only able to take action last Saturday, with the transfer deadline already in sight, when it became clear that Noa Lang had been seriously injured again.

“We knew it would either be Couhaib or no one else,” Bosz said. He believes that PSV, despite the withdrawal of the transferred Yorbe Vertessen and the injured Lang, has enough options left to achieve a performance comparable to that of the first half of the season.

“Noa’s injury is a very big setback, but that’s it. You have to keep going. It is terrible for Noa personally, a blow.”

Although no exact recovery period has been assigned to Lang’s injury, Bosz’s choice of words suggests that the Dutch international will not be available again within a few weeks.

He said that PSV will look critically at Lang’s injury. “It’s not just bad luck, it has to do with several factors,” said Bosz. “It’s not easy to put your finger on it.”

PSV even calls in specialists from abroad to take a closer look at Lang’s hamstring. But what could the club itself have done to prevent Lang’s injury?

“We are critical. The medical staff can look at themselves and see what else they can do, just like the player can look at what his role is in this. But again, you will never quite get the finger behind it.”

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