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Plates containing asbestos were found during a farmers’ protest on the A1 highway near Holten in Overijssels. According to a spokesperson for the Twente fire brigade, the plates did not burn, so the asbestos did not spread.

There was a farmers’ protest on the highway between Rijssen and Markelo on Friday evening, during which several fires were set with all kinds of rubble and waste.

There were also plates among the waste. The fire brigade suspected that asbestos may have been present. The environmental service was called in, as was the hazardous substances advisor.

“After investigations carried out last night, plates containing asbestos were found in one place, near the driveway at Holten. These were not part of the fire,” the spokesperson said.

The lane was closed all night as emergency services had to clear the mess from the fires. The plates have now been removed and the road is open again.

It is not yet clear whether arrests were made at the farmers’ blockades on Friday evening. A police spokesperson told that he had not yet received any reports from local units about this. Local units could not be reached on Saturday morning.

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  • 02 feb 2024 om 21:57

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