Again large protests against the far right in Germany

People have gathered in front of the Reichstag in Berlin

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Demonstrators have once again taken to the streets in Germany to demonstrate against the far right, in particular the political party Alternative für Deutschland. According to the police, around 120,000 people are on the streets in Berlin, reports Tagesspiegel.

Large groups of people are protesting not only in Berlin, but also in Freiburg, where approximately 20,000 people have taken to the streets with banners and protest signs bearing slogans such as: “Against the right”, “Choosing AfD is so 1933” and “No place for racism”.

Chancellor Scholz welcomes the demonstrations and speaks of a “strong sign” on X. “In small and large cities throughout the country, many citizens are coming together to fight against the forgetting of history, and against hatred and incitement.”

The reason for the mass protests in Germany is a publication by the journalistic research platform Correctiv. It emerged that the radical right-wing AfD had spoken to an Austrian extremist at a meeting in Potsdam about mass deportations if the party comes to power.

High-ranking AfD politicians, neo-Nazis and entrepreneurs have discussed a plan for ‘remigration’ there, which involves deporting millions of people from the country based on racist criteria. The news was met with horror across the country and major protests against AfD have been going on for weeks.

Chancellor Scholz said a week ago that he was concerned about the rise of the extreme right and ‘neo-Nazi networks.

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