Annoyance between NSC and BBB about ‘veiled threats’ from radical farmers | Formation 2023

Annoyance between NSC and BBB about ‘veiled threats’ from radical farmers | Formation 2023
Annoyance between NSC and BBB about ‘veiled threats’ from radical farmers | Formation 2023

Statements by Farmers Defense Force leader Mark van den Oever led to irritation this weekend between NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt and BBB’er Caroline van der Plas. It is the umpteenth time that the forming parties openly express their mutual irritations.

Van den Oever said in a video that he “hately hates” outgoing Agriculture Minister Piet Adema and NSC MP Harm Holman. The latter said this week that he supports the ambitious nitrogen ambitions of the outgoing cabinet.

“They will be the center of attention,” said Van den Oever, announcing further actions by Farmers Defense Force (FDF). The statements can therefore also be seen as threatening.

Van der Plas sees no threat in these statements. “Then we’ll talk about that again,” she sighed on Friday evening On 1. “I don’t see it as a threat. They are harsh words, but there are also harsh actions being taken towards the farmers,” the BBB leader said.

In her view, farmers are saddled with far too many government regulations and are wrongly seen as “animal abusers and poison injectors”.

Omtzigt responded on Saturday via

VVD leader Dilan Yesilgöz also joined the war of words on Saturday morning. “Every demonstrator who threatens or endangers people will face police and justice,” she wrote on X. “So don’t hide behind selective outrage. Something is not suddenly acceptable when it concerns a farmer or the climate. “

Tension builds in formation

The comments on both sides fit in with the picture of the last few days in which the forming parties PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB openly measure each other. On the one hand, the party leaders do their best to say as little as possible about how the conversations are going, but at talk show tables and on X, the party leaders do not hide their mutual irritations.

First there were the public sneers between PVV leader Geert Wilders and VVD member Yesilgöz. Now it is Omtzigt and Van der Plas who are in the clinch. In the meantime, the four party leaders claim that the atmosphere at the negotiating table is actually good.

Also concerned about finances

At the beginning of the formation, it was mainly about guaranteeing the rule of law. For example, there are concerns about how the PVV views Dutch Muslims.

In the meantime, concerns about government finances have arisen. The time of spending extra money without a care in the world is over. A special study group calculated well before the elections that 17 billion euros would have to be found in the long term. This means either spending less – for example through cutbacks – or increasing income through higher taxes.

Wilders in particular made it an important point in the campaign that citizens will improve in purchasing power, for example by reducing or eliminating VAT on groceries. The deductible in healthcare must also be eliminated. These measures cost billions of euros.

VVD and NSC are known to want to cover financial plans properly, without passing the bill on to future generations. Making additional cuts and spending billions more do not go together.

The negotiators still have a week. Informant Ronald Plasterk must then send his final report to the House of Representatives. “Time is running out,” Plasterk said.

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