Great interest in funeral of Rotterdam explosion victim

Great interest in funeral of Rotterdam explosion victim
Great interest in funeral of Rotterdam explosion victim
Crowds at Kamran Khan’s funeral.

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Kamran Khan (42) was buried this afternoon amid great interest. He was one of three people who died in the explosion and fire in South Rotterdam last Monday.

“I would much rather have reminisced with him now than reminisce about him this way,” said his best friend Afzal Khan at the farewell.

Kamran Khan had his warehouse in a room next to the business premises where the explosion occurred, regional broadcaster Rijnmond reports. At the time of the explosion, he was on a video call with a customer. Two people were killed in the room where the explosion occurred.

Found peace

A day after the explosion, Khan’s relatives climbed over the fence that police had erected around the wreckage. Although recovery workers were not yet allowed to enter due to the risk of collapse, relatives managed to find his body.

“I am relieved that he has found his peace,” said another friend at the funeral at the South Cemetery. “That is important to us in Islam, that your body is buried as quickly as possible. I also feel defeated. These are very difficult days, but I am also happy that with a close-knit Pakistani community we have pulled him out of the rubble on our own initiative.” could get.”

The friend understands that the emergency services were doing their job and therefore had to wait for permission before they could search the collapsed building. “Here it is always your own safety first. That is less with us, we always have to help, even if it endangers your own life,” he says. “We would have preferred to go in on the first day.”

From abroad

“Anyone could ask him anything, he would always help,” said the friend. “You can see that from how many people have come. Not just Pakistanis, also Turkish and Moroccan boys. People from abroad came here today, from France, Germany, Belgium and England.”

Another visitor to the funeral describes the atmosphere during the farewell as ‘peaceful and beautiful’. “It felt very natural,” he says. “The moment he was buried, it started to rain. For us, that’s a blessing.”

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