Omtzigt criticizes Van der Plas after not convicting ‘veiled threats’ Farmers Defense Force leader

Omtzigt criticizes Van der Plas after not convicting ‘veiled threats’ Farmers Defense Force leader
Omtzigt criticizes Van der Plas after not convicting ‘veiled threats’ Farmers Defense Force leader
Pieter Omtzigt (NSC) speaks to the press after a formation meeting.Image David van Dam / de Volkskrant

The reason is a video in which FDF leader Van den Oever says that outgoing Minister of Agriculture Piet Adema and NSC MP Harm Holman ‘will be in the center of attention’. He said he had developed a ‘hate’ towards them.

Van der Plas was given a talk show on Friday evening On 1 the question whether she heard a veiled threat in Van den Oever’s words. “Then we’ll talk about that again,” Van der Plas responded, somewhat annoyed. According to her, it should be about solutions for farmers rather than ‘about the tone’. She saw ‘not much of a threat’ in Van den Oever’s statements.

But on Saturday morning, Van der Plas was called to order on X by NSC leader Omtzigt. “Veiled threats are not OK,” he wrote. “You just distance yourself from that.” VVD leader Yesilgöz also called via X that veiled threats from FDF can ‘never be justified’ or ‘waved away’. Unlike Omtzigt, she does not directly address Van der Plas in her message.

Omtzigt soon received support from other faction leaders. For example, D66 leader Rob Jetten calls it ‘weak that Van der Plas does not condemn this’. “Blocking highways, setting fires, intimidating politicians, it does not suit the Netherlands,” Jetten writes. GroenLinks-PvdA faction leader Frans Timmermans also criticizes Van der Plas’ attitude. According to him, threatening politicians should ‘always be strongly condemned’. ‘Apparently that ‘baseline’ does not apply to Van der Plas when it comes to radical farmers.’

Omtzigt’s words will undoubtedly carry the most weight for Van der Plas. Much of the formation depends on the attitude of the NSC leader. In recent days it has become apparent that the negotiations between PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB are in an extremely difficult phase.

While there were still optimistic sounds about good conversations in the first weeks, PVV leaders Wilders and Omtzigt in particular now openly say that the conversations are ‘spirited’ and ‘exciting’. There are major doubts, especially among NSC and VVD, including about the financial policy that a new cabinet should implement.

Open bickering does not contribute to the atmosphere at the formation table. Several sneers have already been handed out by party leaders in recent weeks. For example, Wilders called VVD leader Yesilgöz ‘sour’. In that light, the formation certainly cannot use a new mutual conflict. After all, the leaders will have to sit down with informant Ronald Plasterk again in the coming week and time is running out. He still wants to submit a report in the week of February 12.

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