Items found in exploded building in Rotterdam that do not fit the handyman business | Domestic

Items found in exploded building in Rotterdam that do not fit the handyman business | Domestic
Items found in exploded building in Rotterdam that do not fit the handyman business | Domestic

In the garage in Rotterdam where a huge explosion took place at the end of January, “a large amount” of items that did not fit a handyman company were found. The Public Prosecution Service said this on Monday during the first preliminary hearing in the legal case.

Jalal O. is suspected of having manufactured, processed and sold cocaine in the garage at the Schammenkamp. 35-year-old O. is also said to have rented a house a little further down the street where he let people live who, according to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), helped in the drug lab.

According to his lawyer, O. rented out the rear part of the garage and knows nothing about the cocaine production there. According to the lawyer, he had a handyman business and used the garage for that.

The men who stayed illegally at the Schammenkamp would help him with his handyman business. According to the lawyer, they had to stay there illegally, otherwise they would be sent back to Morocco. “That’s where you have a problem if you leave and don’t help build Morocco,” the lawyer said.

Afspelen knop

Security camera films devastating explosion in Rotterdam

It is still unclear how the explosion occurred

Three men were killed in the explosion at the Schammenkamp in Rotterdam. There is hardly anything left of the apartment complex under which the garage was located.

It is still unclear what exactly caused the explosion. Research is still being done into this.

In the building where the explosion occurred, barrels containing 200 liters of acetone were found. Barrels of smoking hydrochloric acid, extraction equipment and cocaine residues were also found. A jerry can lay between the legs of one of the deceased victims.

According to O.’s lawyer, it would be very illogical that he would have returned to the Netherlands if he had anything to do with drug production. O. had just driven to Belgium during the explosion and returned to the Netherlands the same evening.

In the days after the explosion, O. entered the cordoned off area of ​​the explosion several times. He searched for the three deceased victims, who were still under the rubble at the time. He was arrested a few days later.

O. previously convicted in Spain for a drug offense

During Monday’s hearing it also emerged that he was convicted of a drug offense in Spain two years ago. He received community service and an unconditional prison sentence for this.

O.’s lawyer argued for his release, but the judge did not agree. O. will remain in custody for the time being and the next pro forma hearing is on July 16.

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