Insiya’s father receives 8.5 years in prison on appeal for role in her kidnapping Domestic


Shehzad H., Insiya’s father, imposed an 8.5-year prison sentence on Monday on appeal by the court in Amsterdam for the kidnapping of his daughter in 2016. She was then two years old and was taken by him to India, where she was still resides.

“An unprecedented child abduction by Dutch standards,” the Public Prosecution Service said in substantiating the sentence demands on appeal. Insiya was forcibly taken from her grandmother’s house in East Amsterdam in September 2016 at the age of two. Eventually her father took her to India.

According to the court in Amsterdam, it has been proven that the kidnapping was a thoroughly prepared operation, carried out on behalf of H. He was in a dispute with the toddler’s mother at the time.

H. hired an international team to kidnap the girl. One of the executors was overpowered on the spot by bystanders. The others fled with the child in a waiting car and were only arrested later. They were sentenced on appeal to sentences ranging from four weeks to four years.

The prison sentence is six months shorter than previously imposed by the court, because the handling of the case took too long.

Insiya’s mother, Nadia Rashid, has been trying for years to bring her daughter back to the Netherlands. She has full parental authority over the girl. She conducted several legal proceedings against her ex-husband to, among other things, keep in touch with Insiya, but since 2018 she has barely been able to speak to her for two hours via Skype.

Since 2019, India has had an order for H.’s extradition, but this has not yet been complied with. None of the convicts were present at the judgment of the court in Amsterdam. Insiya’s mother and grandmother were.

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  • 12 apr 2024 om 10:29

    NU+ |Niet elke kinderontvoering is gewelddadige kidnapping zoals die van Insiya

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    OM eist straffen tot negen jaar cel in hoger beroep zaak-Insiya

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