Dozens of rims stolen from brand new Mercedes at Wensink on Bornholmstraat in Groningen: ‘Cars are all on bricks’

There is always a load of brand new cars in front of the Wensink Mercedes dealer on Bornholmstraat in the Euvelgunne business park. On Sunday morning, however, something strange was going on, a resident of Groningen saw.

,,I drove past it this morning and saw that the rims of almost all cars have been stolen. About ten to fifteen brand new Mercedes are all standing on bricks”, the Groninger wrote to the city blog Sikkom. He expects the damage to be several tens of thousands of euros. “That’s a conservative estimate.”

Eastern European gangs

The Groninger has called in the police. “I think I was the first to see it and immediately called the police.” Wensink himself was not reachable for the discoverer, because the company is closed on Sundays.

It happens more often that rims are stolen. Five years ago there was a major theft at P+R Zernike, where the rims were stolen from at least four private cars. The BOVAG announced at the time that mainly gangs from Eastern Europe are on a rim raid in the Netherlands.

Not much to do

According to experts, there is not much that can be done about it. There are special bolts, but they are not so unique that no one has the key. What can help deterrence and in the detection are cameras.

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