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The deceased scooter rider is known TikTokker Lucas Cornelissen (20)

The deceased scooter rider is known TikTokker Lucas Cornelissen (20)
The deceased scooter rider is known TikTokker Lucas Cornelissen (20)

The scooter rider who ended up in the Dommel and died on Tuesday night is the well-known TikTokker Lucas Cornelissen from Vlijmen. Many strength wishes for family and acquaintances pour in on his social media accounts.

20-year-old Cornelissen is known for his dry and humorous videos on TikTok, especially popular among young people. He has more than 154,000 followers on this social medium. Many fans reacted to messages that Cornelissen recently posted on social media. Some say that they will miss Cornelissen enormously. Others write: ‘Rest in peace’.

The victim died shortly after midnight at the Molenberg in Den Bosch. The police believe it was a fatal accident. At the spot where Cornelissen entered De Dommel, people gather this Wednesday morning. Some lay flowers there.

Terrace in Den Bosch
Among them are also two young men from Vught, who say they sat on the terrace with Cornelissen on Tuesday evening. “It was a very pleasant evening. We texted and called whether he had come home okay, but he did not respond,” says one of them. They stare excitedly at the water. “We can’t contain it.”

Moments later, two girls come to the scene of the accident. They cry and hold each other. “I would rather he had died of natural causes than by accident,” says one woman.

Trauma helicopter
Two passers-by saw the accident and alerted emergency services. An air ambulance was also called in and a special diving team from the fire brigade came to the scene of the accident. After some time, divers found Cornelissen’s body in the water.

It is not clear what caused the man to end up in the river. The area was cordoned off after the accident. Police traffic specialists are investigating the cause of the accident. Victim support has been called in for the people who saw the accident happen.

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