Chamber wants wider price ceiling for household energy bills | NOW

Chamber wants wider price ceiling for household energy bills | NOW
Chamber wants wider price ceiling for household energy bills | NOW

The House of Representatives wants a wider price ceiling for household energy bills. Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) and Attje Kuiken (PvdA) want the cabinet to “do everything it can to help people through the winter”. They receive broad support for their appeal.

“A different attitude is needed. Yes, with the ceiling we can take away acute concerns and offer peace of mind. But what is there now is not good enough,” says Attje Kuiken (PvdA).

The cabinet announced on Budget Day with the intention to introduce a price ceiling for energy. The agreement with the energy companies was concluded under electricity and boiling water. As a result, the exact elaboration of the scheme is still awaited.

In the cabinet’s proposal, the consumption limit is set at 1,200 cubic meters of gas and 2,400 kWh of electricity. You pay a fixed price for all consumption below this limit: 1.50 euros for gas and 0.70 euros for electricity. If you use more energy, you pay the higher price.

About half of the households fit into this picture. The other half uses more energy. Klaver and Kuiken, who previously also took the lead on the price ceiling, now want the cabinet to “choose the volume limit and the tariff ceiling generously”.

Cabinet wants to look at elaboration together with parties

The two left-wing faction leaders have put this wish into a motion. A large majority of the House supported the proposal. It is not clear what rate and what limit the parties have in mind.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte indicated before the vote that the cabinet understands “the commitment” of the proposal, but that he can give “no guarantees”. Earlier during the debate, the prime minister said that the cabinet’s plan “is not yet set in stone”.

The government will further develop the plan in the near future. It is expected that there will be clarity about the ceiling within a few weeks.

Chamber is mainly concerned about electricity tariff ceiling

In the House there is a lot of concern about the tariff that the cabinet has chosen for electricity. The 0.70 euro cent is relatively on the high side. Initial calculations would show, among other things, that having a heat pump would no longer pay. This is because the government wants to set the tariff ceiling for gas relatively much lower.

The cabinet has deliberately chosen to give a higher discount on gas than on electricity. In particular, they want to protect households “from the high energy prices that need it most.”

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