Johan Derksen about Thierry Baudet: “They just report it, I don’t give a damn”

Johan Derksen about Thierry Baudet: “They just report it, I don’t give a damn”
Johan Derksen about Thierry Baudet: “They just report it, I don’t give a damn”

Johan Derksen does not intend to apologize to Thierry Baudet for his comment that the politician should be liquidated. Derksen maintains that it was a slip of the tongue and that therefore he sees no reason to say sorry. “I don’t apologize, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Derksen said in Wednesday evening Today Inside over the Forum for Democracy leader that “they need to liquidate that guy”. Immediately afterwards he restored his statement and said that he meant that “they should kick Baudet out of the Chamber for persistent misconduct”. The analyst from Grolloo will continue to do so after the broadcast. „People who have seen it, who have seen that it is a slip of the tongue and that I immediately repaired it,” Derksen tells RTL Boulevard .

Presenter Wilfred Genee also finds it unbelievable that FvD may file a report against Derksen because of the ruling. “If the man had said that in sincerity, that he meant it, you should do something about it. But Johan just made a slip of the tongue. Are we going to get away with that? It’s unbelievable,” he tells the RTL program. Derksen is also not impressed by the possible report to the police. “It doesn’t affect me. I don’t give a shit. They just file a report. Then I’ll get a lawyer and he’ll handle it.”

‘Slip of the tongue’

SBS6, the channel on which VI is broadcast, Johan Derksen’s comment that Thierry Baudet must be liquidated on Thursday also called “a slip of the tongue.” It was a comment that “he immediately recovered and to which he returned later in the broadcast,” a spokesperson for the TV station said when asked.

The reason for Derksen’s statements was the incident that took place on Wednesday evening during general political reflections. In addition, the entire cabinet left the House of Representatives after Baudet had made comments about the education of Minister Sigrid Kaag (Finance) at the British University of Oxford. He said the college she attended was known as a spy school.

Baudet’s contribution was largely about conspiracies. The Forum leader was not allowed to finish his contribution.

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