Chamber very annoyed about leaks of cabinet plans to the press

Chamber very annoyed about leaks of cabinet plans to the press
Chamber very annoyed about leaks of cabinet plans to the press

NOS Newstoday, 15:13

The House of Representatives is annoyed by the leaking of cabinet plans to the press. President of the House of Representatives Bergkamp sent a letter about this to Prime Minister Rutte today. She finds it wry that the rule that the House is the first to be informed has already been “violated several times” this week alone.

Bergkamp lists a series of incidents. Early Monday morning, De Telegraaf published two news items from the Autumn Memorandum on its website. The Chamber did not receive the document until the end of the afternoon. At the end of the afternoon on Tuesday, the AD reported that the cabinet wanted to make an offer to ‘peak loaders’. It NOS News then also brought the nitrogen plans, which the Council of Ministers will decide on tomorrow.

When De Telegraaf was the first to report yesterday afternoon that the cabinet wants to raise the groundwater level, as far as the President of the House was concerned, enough was enough. In her letter to Rutte, she asks to discuss the leak in the Council of Ministers and to ensure that it does not happen again.

‘This is really not possible’

Members of parliament are pleased that Bergkamp has raised the subject with the prime minister. “I’m really annoyed by all the leaks,” said SP Member of Parliament Beckerman this afternoon when requesting a debate on the nitrogen plans. “Everything appears in the media, while we as MPs know nothing. That is really not possible, we cannot properly perform our task.”

She received a lot of support from the coalition and opposition. Member of Parliament Omtzigt believes that Bergkamp should also talk to the Prime Minister. “It happens so often and the nitrogen dossier is so sensitive. It is about the future of many companies and families that are in uncertainty. That is really not possible.”

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