Nyck de Vries doesn’t feel any extra pressure for GP Monaco: ‘I don’t read all the stories’ | Monaco GP

Nyck de Vries doesn’t feel any extra pressure for GP Monaco: ‘I don’t read all the stories’ | Monaco GP
Nyck de Vries doesn’t feel any extra pressure for GP Monaco: ‘I don’t read all the stories’ | Monaco GP

For Nyck de Vries, the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend is a race like any other. Much has been said and written about the position of the AlphaTauri driver in recent weeks, but the Dutchman closed himself off to it.

“It has been about performance from the start of the season. So it may seem to the media that there is more pressure now, but for me there is nothing but normal,” said a relaxed De Vries in the port of Monte Carlo on Thursday .

The Dutchman has struggled to impress in the slow AlphaTauri since his debut in Bahrain. In recent weeks, various stories have appeared that the Frisian is under pressure. According to Red Bull boss Helmut Marko, he should perform quickly, although the Austrian himself nuanced that later.

Marko’s statements were the main reason for the stories about De Vries. He has no problem with that. “Ultimately it’s also about performance, that’s how this industry works. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. That’s nothing new for me. I can only do my best.”

The 28-year-old driver does admit that he has made too many mistakes. “I am very realistic about that, I am self-critical. And so I can only acknowledge it.”

Still, mistakes that De Vries made seemed to be heavily charged to him, while all Formula 1 rookies default to a few mistakes. The Dutchman does not say whether he has less credit. “It’s not up to me whether or not I’m allowed to make them. Everyone makes mistakes and I’m only human.”

Buitenwacht must also look at underlying reasons

During all the considerations about his performance, it also transpired that De Vries is relatively the largest behind his teammate in race pace. The AlphaTauri driver shrugs it off.

“I could very well be behind Yuki Tsunoda on paper. But I don’t care at all because I know what happened in those races. I don’t feel like I came up short. Take Melbourne, that’s where I drove 90 percent of the race on the wrong tire with damage. In Bahrain I didn’t stop during the virtual safety car. I can continue like this.”

De Vries thinks that the outside world should also look in the mirror because underlying reasons are often overlooked. “These are the basics of racing. I’m not talking about updates or anything, or other little things that can affect it. When you see the whole field is on a different tyre, you can do that math easily. That’s why I don’t care too much either, because I know what I’ve done. What the rest thinks or says is up to them.”

Een lachende Nyck de Vries in Monaco.

No extra pressure through tight Monaco streets

Yet De Vries mainly looks at himself. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to show what he’s got. “I haven’t been able to do that so far. Then you are sometimes a bit too impatient and too eager to prove yourself. But the work on the track feels no different and that is ultimately the only thing I can influence.”

The cramped streets of Monaco are therefore no reason for De Vries to feel even more pressure. “I just have to build up the weekend step by step. It makes no sense to be at the top in the first round, because that won’t bring you anything in the end.”

“Normally the top five teams here are just the same. But sometimes there’s a bit of difference, so hopefully we can stick out just above the midfield here and take advantage of other people’s mistakes,” he looked ahead to the race weekend. “A very good lap can bring you to the right side of the grid here.”

De Vries will be satisfied on Sunday evening if he has been able to run a solid weekend and come close to the points. “And hopefully also score some real points,” he added. “It’s about building trust and then hoping for the best.”

Tijdschema GP Monaco

  • Vrijdag 13.30-14.30 uur: Eerste vrije training
  • Vrijdag 17.00-18.00 uur: Tweede vrije training
  • Zaterdag 12.30-13.30 uur: Derde vrije training
  • Zaterdag 16.00-17.00 uur: Kwalificatie
  • Zondag 15.00 uur: Race

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