More entrepreneurs with money problems in the wake of corona

More entrepreneurs with money problems in the wake of corona
More entrepreneurs with money problems in the wake of corona

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Last year, significantly more entrepreneurs turned to organizations for financial help than in 2022. This is reported by the NVVK, the trade association for debt assistance. There were a total of 5,578 entrepreneurs, compared to 3,447 entrepreneurs the year before.

The trade association already expected an increase as a result of the aftermath of corona. During the corona pandemic, entrepreneurs were supported with all kinds of schemes. One of those support measures was that entrepreneurs could postpone tax payments. After corona, the arrangements were terminated or phased out.

Since October 2022, companies have had to pay deferred taxes in installments and some people are having difficulty doing so. “For a long time, entrepreneurs hoped that deferred corona debts would be waived by the tax authorities,” says the NVVK. “The positive effect of this wake-up call is that entrepreneurs who are really no longer coping understand that they have to ask for help.”

Less guardianship and debt settlements

A total of 79,514 people with financial worries reported to NVVK debt counselors last year. The year before there were 75,531. The number of people with more serious debt problems decreased. Of all clients, more than 15,000 people ended up in a debt settlement, a decrease of more than 7 percent.

More than 21,000 people were appointed a guardian, a decrease of 8 percent. Such an administrator takes over the management of someone’s financial affairs. At the same time, less serious solutions for money problems, such as budget coaching, actually increased.

The average debt amount with which people reported to debt assistance fell from 40,170 euros to 38,735 euros. According to the NVVK, this is partly because the taboo on difficulty making ends meet is decreasing and people are therefore more likely to seek help. “National and local campaigns emphasize that having debt is not a shame.”

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