This is the most common mistake when mopping

This is the most common mistake when mopping
This is the most common mistake when mopping

Mopping doesn’t seem like a very complicated cleaning job: you take the bucket, add hot water and some all-purpose cleaner and you can then clean at your own leisure. Sounds good, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most likely you and many others are making the same mistake…

This is apparently the most common mistake made while mopping

It’s not rocket science, yet it seems we all make the same mistake when mopping our floors. Don’t worry: there is nothing wrong with the order. Indeed, you first grab the vacuum cleaner and then the mop – or this surprising alternative. You fill the bucket with water, add some cleaner and you can get started. Yet something is going wrong here, but what?

Believe it or not, mopping the floor with warm or even hot water is a waste of your time and hard work. Because guess what? Because warm or hot water evaporates quickly, soap residue from the cleaning agent often remains on the floor. This ultimately produces a spotty result and also becomes a sticky mess – exactly what you don’t want.

From now on, mop your floor with cold water

So, how do we prevent soap scum and streaks? By simply using cold or at least lukewarm water. This will ensure that your floor is spotless! Unfortunately, it will take a little longer for the floor to dry again, but the result will be more than worth it.

Don’t have the courage (or just don’t have the patience) and want to fill the bucket with warm water? That’s also good, but leave out the cleaner and only use water to clean the floor. Whether it will be clean is another story…

But did you know that we are apparently still doing something wrong? Everyone undoubtedly makes this mistake when mopping the floor.

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