See: more racy footage from Today Inside stripper Mercedes

See: more racy footage from Today Inside stripper Mercedes
See: more racy footage from Today Inside stripper Mercedes

One activist after another tapes himself or disrupts a television broadcast. A trend that not everyone is happy with. Yet Mercedes, the stripper who ‘disturbed’ the Today Inside broadcast last week, has impressed many viewers.


By the way, that ‘disturbed’ is in parentheses because the action turned out to be a solid card. The stripper was there at the invitation of the VI gentlemen, as a counterpoint to all those talk show table disruptors and picture pasters.


The lady in question is called Mercedes, a stripper who reportedly showed up for around 500 euros to make her famous round in the studio. Much to the delight of the VI men. And many viewers of course. Below is a selection of photos from Mercedes’ Instagram page. Just because it’s possible.

On social media you can read that Mercedes Jade, as she calls herself, is a dancer and activity planner.

Moreover, since the VI performance, the words ‘known from TV’ have also been added. And that is not a lie.

And one more just to clarify:

What exactly happened at VI

For those who missed the VI broadcast: when Wilfred Genee drops a new topic of conversation in the November 16 broadcast, viewers will already see some action in the background. The brunette gets rid of her clothes in no time.

“What are we going to get”, says a pleasantly surprised René van der Gijp. Both the table guests and the audience laugh, while the stripper confidently makes her round in the studio.

“Theo!” shouts Genee, referring to the security man of Inside today. Johan Derksen: “Theo, the water cannon!” The mustache also notes that the woman is “dressed a bit lightly” for the time of year.

Why the lady skips through the VI studio almost naked is not entirely clear at first. “An activist”, notes Van der Gijp. But when Hélène Hendriks, also present, asks where she is from, Van der Gijp replies that he has no idea.

But then the monkey comes out of the sleeve. “We thought: we will also invite an activist for once”, René van der Gijp screams. “See what that looks like!”

“Without a vest,” adds Derksen.

Finally, the entertaining play is over and Genee reveals that the lady is invited and is called Mercedes. “Two beautiful headlights…”, said the presenter.


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