‘Super cartel’ with two Dutchmen rounded up in Dubai: ‘Good for a third of European coke trade’ | Instagram

‘Super cartel’ with two Dutchmen rounded up in Dubai: ‘Good for a third of European coke trade’ | Instagram
‘Super cartel’ with two Dutchmen rounded up in Dubai: ‘Good for a third of European coke trade’ | Instagram

Dubai has arrested two Dutch people for large-scale international drug trafficking. They are Edin G. (40) and Zouhair B. (37). A total of 49 people were arrested, who together, according to Europol, ran a ‘super cartel’, accounting for a third of the cocaine trade in Europe.

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service cooperated with investigative services from Spain, France, Belgium, the US and the United Arab Emirates, among others. The men who were arrested for the Netherlands have a considerable criminal record, according to the summary made by the judiciary. They belong to a network that was in charge of a ‘large-scale’ drug import, in which the investigative services intercepted about 30 tons.

The first man is 40-year-old Dutch Bosnian Edin G. A man who has been active in the drug world for decades and is the head of the Tito and Dino gang, with close contacts including Ridouan Taghi. G. probably had a leading role in the import of 1800 kilos of coke through the port of Hamburg in 2020, says justice. He may have organized and paid for the import of nearly 750 kilos of coke via South Africa to Rotterdam. In addition, he is said to have brought in 8,000 kilos of raw material for amphetamine via the port of Antwerp. Edin G. would also have done business with international drug lords.

Wanted by Interpol

The second suspect is said to be 37-year-old Dutch Moroccan Zouhair B. He was arrested November 16 and is still detained in Dubai. He is being prosecuted in Rotterdam for importing thousands of kilograms of cocaine through the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, participating in a criminal organization, laundering a lot of money, official corruption and possession of firearms. He would have had a coordinating role and has been wanted by Interpol since April 2022.

Until 2018, B. was a director of a management company in Rotterdam. His name appears, among other things, in a drug investigation in which 1329 kilos of cocaine was intercepted in the port of Rotterdam. The drugs, with a street value of 99 million euros, were hidden in a shipment of Brazilian coffee beans.

49 arrests

The two came into the picture through encrypted messages that the police deciphered; the so-called Sky chats. In the investigation, a total of 49 people were arrested for the Netherlands, Spain, France and Belgium, including two others in Dubai.

How much money was involved in the cartel is shown by images that Europol published this morning of this ‘Operation Desert Light’. It shows dozens of expensive cars in a garage, but also luxury houses with a swimming pool.

Expensive cars from the YouTube video that Europol published of the arrest in Dubai. © Screen shot video

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