Belgian tech world sounds the alarm after the Dutch move of standard-bearer Collibra: “Urgently strengthen our competitive position”

by Emmanuel Vanbrussel
published on Thursday 01 December 2022 to 18:04
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The move of the originally Brussels data company Collibra to the Netherlands for tax reasons sends shock waves through the entire Belgian tech world. The government urgently needs to modernize its tax approach to start-ups and growth companies.

Why is this important?

Belgium scores moderately in global rankings as a center for new technology. If even home-grown companies look elsewhere, it will be impossible to attract foreign talent and companies.

In the news: “Belgian tech pride Collibra flags out to the Netherlands”, was the headline The time Wednesday. Felix Van de Maele’s company places itself under a top Dutch holding company for tax reasons. The Big Dataspecialist is seen as just about the biggest Belgian tech gem of recent years, even though Van de Maele actually runs the company from New York.

The heart of the matter: Perhaps the new legal structure has to do with an old problem: the way shares

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