Idaho student Kaylee Goncalves’ father, Steven Goncalves, says daughter or boyfriend is targeted

The father of a University of Idaho student who was killed at his home last month said in a new interview that he believes his daughter or her best friend was the target of their killer.

The heartbroken father of murdered college student Kayleigh Goncalves told Fox & Friends that he believes Kayleigh, 21, or her best friend Madison Mohan, 21, were targeted based on their location in the three-story house. The killer’s entrance.

Steven Goncalves said “common sense” and “logic” suggest one of the couples was murdered in their third-floor bedroom. Second floor.

“For me, [the killer] There’s no need to go upstairs,’ he said. “His entrance and exit is available without him having to go up or down… I use the logic of his choice to go there when not necessary.”

Investigators initially believed the college seniors, their 20-year-old roommate Chana Kernodle and her 20-year-old boyfriend Ethan Chapin, had been stabbed to death in their off-campus home during the Nov. 13 attack. It’s a targeted crime.

Steven Goncalves said “common sense” was that one of the two was the intended victim when they were killed in bed.

They were there on Wednesday, however. He withdrew that promise – Detectives currently do not know whether the house or any victims were targeted.

“I’m just connecting the dots,” Steve Goncalves told “Fox & Friends” hosts after a previous interview with the station in which he spoke about his daughter and Mohan. The “unfit” were killed.

“I’ll get to the point — their deaths don’t match,” he told Fox News on Saturday.

“Their damage points don’t match.”

Kayleigh Goncalves and Mohan were sleeping in the same bed in a third floor bedroom when they were murdered.

When Steve Goncalves was asked about his previous comments on “Fox and Friends,” he said he couldn’t believe his daughter or Mogen were the intended targets, based on their various injuries.

‘” I asked permission to do it, and [investigators] He said no,’ he said. “I may have revealed more information that they wanted me not to say, but the story is going cold.”

Kayleigh Goncalves and Mohan, who have been best friends for years They were sleeping in the same bed In the bedroom on the third floor when they were murdered.

Kernodle and Chapin were murdered together in a bed on the second floor where the rear sliding door was located.

Police said the rear sliding door was open when Kernodle and Chapin were killed together.

Police said the rear sliding door was open when Kernodle and Chapin were killed together.

Police said the rear sliding door was open when Kernodle and Chapin were killed together.
VSCO / Dylan Mortensen

Two other roommates who slept on the floor of the Moscow home were unharmed and may have slept through the blood, police said.

“Seems [the killer] Probably wouldn’t have gone down,” said Steve Goncalves. “We don’t know for sure, but he has clearly moved up. So I use the logic that he chose to go there when he wasn’t needed.

Three weeks after the quadruple murders, police have yet to identify any suspects or a motive for the senseless crime.

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