Watch Live: Karen Read murder trial Day 10 starts with Brian Albert cross-examination

Watch Live: Karen Read murder trial Day 10 starts with Brian Albert cross-examination
Watch Live: Karen Read murder trial Day 10 starts with Brian Albert cross-examination

DEDHAM – The Karen Read murder trial resumes Monday with the cross-examination of Brian Albert, the owner of the Canton, Massachusetts home where Read’s boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe had been found dead in January 2022.

You can watch the testimony live on CBS News Boston in the video player above.

Albert, a former Boston Police officer, began testing in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham last Friday. He described O’Keefe as a friend, but admitted he did not know him well.

Read, 45, has been charged with second-degree murder in the case. Prosecutors say she hit and killed O’Keefe with her SUV. Defense attorneys say Read is being framed and O’Keefe was killed during a fight inside Albert’s home.

Witness Brian Albert tests during the trial of Karen Read at Norfolk County Superior Court, Friday, May 10, 2024, in Dedham, Mass.

Charles Krupa / AP

Cross-examination of Brian Albert begins

Albert, who recently retired, was drinking with a group that included Read and O’Keefe at the Waterfall Bar & Grille in Canton on January 28, 2022.

Several members of the group from Waterfall returned to Albert’s Fairview Road home after leaving the bar. O’Keefe’s body was found hours later on Albert’s lawn. Read’s attorneys argue that O’Keefe was killed during a fight inside the home, then dragged outside.

On Monday, defense attorney Alan Jackson peppered Albert with questions.

Jackson read a transcript from previous grand jury testimony Albert Gave, when he said “I’ve never met or seen [Karen Read] before. Maybe once, but I’ve never had a conversation with her I don’t think.” Jackson said the statement was not true, because they had previously met.

Jackson displayed a photo of Albert, O’Keefe and two others that was taken the week before O’Keefe’s death. According to Jackson, Read took the photo.

Albert replied that the night at Waterfall in Canton, he did not talk to Read. Jackson played surveillance video that he said shows Albert talking to Read.

Jackson asked Albert if he was trying to “distance” himself from the fact that he knew O’Keefe and Read during his grand jury testimony.

“Mr. Albert, you knew if you had a relationship with John O’Keefe or Karen Read, you knew you’d have a lot to answer for when his body ended up dead on your lawn six days later?” Jackson asked, to which the prosecution objected.

Brian Albert says Read, O’Keefe never entered home

On Friday, Albert first took the witness stand and again about the night of O’Keefe’s death. He said Read and O’Keefe never entered his home that night.

During cross-examination, Jackson asked Albert if O’Keefe came into the house.

“Absolutely not, I wish he had,” Albert told Jackson.

Months after O’Keefe’s death, Albert sold the home. He replied on Friday that the sale was not because of O’Keefe’s death.

Who was inside Brian Albert’s home?

Albert was asked who was inside his home the night O’Keefe died.

Specifically, Jackson asked Albert why he and his wife both left out their nephew, Colin Albert from the list.

“Did both of you conveniently forget that Colin had been there?” Jackson asked. Albert said he did not mention Colin Albert because he left shortly after he returned home from Waterfall.

Who is Karen Read?

Prosecutors said she dropped O’Keefe off at Albert’s home after a night of drinking in January 2022 and hit him with her SUV as she drove away, leaving him for dead in a snowstorm. In addition to second-degree murder, Read is also charged with manslaughter while operating under the influence of alcohol, and leaving the scene of personal injury and death.

Readhas plead not guilty to all of the charges. Her attorneys claim she’s being framed and that O’Keefe was killed during a fight inside Brian Albert’s home and dragged outside.

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