Again pro-Palestinian demonstrators in UvA building, actions elsewhere as well


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In Amsterdam, a group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators once again entered the UvA building on Roeterseiland. According to NOS reporters on the scene, a group of people dressed in black and wearing masks led the people inside. There were several hundred people, sometimes with sleeping bags. Some of them walked out again fifteen minutes later. Action is also being taken at other universities in the Netherlands. The demonstrators are demanding that universities cut their ties with Israeli institutions.

These are images of entering the UvA building; Some of the demonstrators have now left:

Protesters enter the UvA building

It is unclear how many demonstrators are now in the building on the Roeterseiland campus. Some of it went further into the building. Several dozen students are still demonstrating in the auditorium.

The group of people dressed in black called on the students not to leave the protest, but a large part does not seem to respond.


The action came after a walk-out of UvA staff and students. At 11 a.m., dozens or sometimes hundreds of employees and students walked out at various universities in the Netherlands in protest against the war in Gaza and the breaking up of student protests last week.

The official program after the walk-out with various speakers was over after two hours. Protesters continue the action.

A large group also remained outside the campus building in Amsterdam. An attempt is made to persuade them to come inside. “This is your university so there is no risk.” Yet one group remains standing.

These are images of the protest in Amsterdam:

Thousands of students and teachers demonstrate at UvA

In addition to Amsterdam, protests are also taking place in Maastricht, Eindhoven, Leiden, Utrecht and Groningen. Dozens of students have set up tents on the Koeveld at Eindhoven University of Technology. According to broadcaster L1, about 200 students are demonstrating in Maastricht. The action proceeds quietly.

According to the regional channel RTV Noord, there are about 150 to 200 activists on the square outside the Harmonie building in Groningen and beyond. The RUG flag at the building was replaced by a Palestinian flag. Just before the protest started, the gates at the university were closed.

The demonstrators want the RUG to distance itself from companies that support Israel, such as Siemens and Thales. The latter party would financially support various study associations. Tent camps are also being built in Maastricht and Eindhoven.

Matthias van Binsbergen
Protest at the Harmonie building in Groningen

In Amsterdam last week, demonstrators set up a tent camp with barricades, occupied buildings and caused destruction. Police used shovels to move the barricades aside. Dozens of people were arrested. The UvA estimates the damage after the protests at one and a half million euros.

Protesters also occupied university buildings in Utrecht. The demonstrators were taken away by buses on the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

On Wednesday, the Binnengasthuis site in Amsterdam was cleared by the police after the UvA filed a report. In a council debate on Friday, Mayor Halsema said that some of the demonstrators had sought a violent confrontation with the police.


The organization of today’s protest, Dutch Scholars for Palestine, said in a statement that it was shocked by the actions of the boards of directors of the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University during last week’s demonstrations and again spoke of “extreme police violence”. .

Due to the protests, the university kept all buildings in the city center closed during the Ascension weekend. All university buildings in Amsterdam were also closed until this morning.

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