Bergkamp suspends if Baudet accuses Kaag of espionage

Bergkamp suspends if Baudet accuses Kaag of espionage
Bergkamp suspends if Baudet accuses Kaag of espionage

He would not speak until late in the evening, but “due to urgent positive private circumstances” (he is about to become a father) Thierry Baudet may speak immediately after Pieter Heerma.
The argument of the Forum for Democracy leader is a long diatribe against migration policy, climate policy, corona policy, ‘wokism’ and other ‘madnesses’, which he says are ‘part of the same big project”. “According to the deepest conviction of the elites that govern us, human freedom is a danger, human nature is a danger,” says Baudet.

These elites – who they are exactly remains unclear – would like to “create a new human being,” he continues. “They hate the people 1.0, that is, the real people.” That is reminiscent of communism, according to Baudet: according to him, the West wants to follow China. Russia, on the other hand, “obviously embodies the opposite of all these things” and therefore deserves its admiration. Putin – about whom Baudet still sounded critical after the Russian invasion of Ukraine – is now a “virile, male leader” in his eyes.

There is a long silence in the plenary hall. Baudet can continue to speak undisturbed, because no one interrupts him with an interruption. The thought seems to be sitting out the ride. That changes when Baudet becomes more personal. He starts about St. Anthony’s College in Oxford, where Sigrid Kaag once studied. That was historically an institution “where the British secret service looked for spies,” says Baudet, who sees it as proof that “communism and the deep state are connected”.

That is enough for many. Chairman Bergkamp interrupts Baudet, she finds it “not appropriate”. She first suspends to talk to Baudet. But then the cabinet members in Vak K have already left and left the room, so she immediately adjourns for the dinner break. While the room largely empties, Baudet remains angry. ,,I’m in the middle of my story,” he shouts.

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