Retailers don’t post prices on goods

Retailers don’t post prices on goods
Retailers don’t post prices on goods

Various goods in stores such as chicken legs, gas cylinders and drinks are not marked with prices in some stores. In addition, there is also talk of a price increase and uncalibrated scales were found. This has become apparent during audit work by the investigative officials of the Economic Control Service (ECD) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ).

The officials found these violations, among other things, at shops on Helena Christinaweg where inspection activities were recently carried out. The scales that have not been calibrated must still be put in order.

Where the retailers could not submit purchase receipts, the prices were immediately reversed according to the price list. The complaints unit of EZ received a report stating that a shopkeeper had put water in prepackaged sugar. An investigation by the ECD has shown that this complaint is not true.

In the Latour resort, several shops were also checked where price increases were noted on Nutrilon 2 and tea of ​​the brand Breakfast Thee. Prices are immediately reversed according to price list. The ministry is calling on shopkeepers to comply with the rules.

Consumers can submit their complaints via:
+5978530915 (Whatsapp)
1940 (shortened number)
[email protected]

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