In ‘Mr. Frank Visser makes a statement ‘Do you see how wars can arise

In ‘Mr. Frank Visser makes a statement ‘Do you see how wars can arise
In ‘Mr. Frank Visser makes a statement ‘Do you see how wars can arise

Rarely have you heard variations of the word border as often as in the past few days. Everything has a ceiling, a max, limit, limitation and otherwise imaginary lines run or dams are erected. Growth, energy bills, asylum seekers and speaking time in the House of Representatives. But the most border crossings involved decency. Who said what to whom: Thierry to Sigrid, Johan to Thierry, Thierry to Johan.

In mr. Frank Visser makes a statement (SBS6) it is often about violated borders. Arguing about fences, property boundaries, sounds that rumble through walls and ceilings. And in those territorial conflicts between neighbors you see how wars can arise. On Thursday evening, the conflict was caused by a usurper who usurped the property of his neighbors across the street. To do this, he first had to go out the first floor window, over the flat roof of the garage, through the gate of the notary’s office and then across a busy road. But as soon as he entered his hunting grounds, the lust killing could begin.

He already has his color against it, said neighbor Rob falsely. He lived under the assumption that he owned this Versailles-like backyard of a detached house in Loosduinen, The Hague. Plus “that sneaky look.” Hangover Giovanni is blacker than black. Gerda, Rob’s wife, showed her carpet beater. If she gets that “panther,” that “predator,” that “killer cat,” “it’s hers.” Rob was certainly willing to show his rusty cat trap with trapdoor. If they catch him, they promise to make him an “underwater cat.”

Boundaries to a Boundless Being

Meanwhile, Giovanni was sprawled on the couch across the street in a portico house. Owners Deborah and Surin called him their “third child” and lamented his fate now that he is no longer allowed to go outside due to threats from the neighbors. “It is very hard for him. Difficult.” Especially because his brother, a red male, can go outside. The animal police has been there, the enforcement, the local police officer. And now the television judge.

How do you set limits on a limitless being is the question here, and why do you want that? Well, Rob and Gerda aren’t exaggerating when they talk about a killer cat who uses their yard as a hunting ground. Photos of birds that have been knocked out of the nest. Giovanni “playing tennis” with the goldfish in their pond. He killed their elderly chicken Geertje, and the baby duck he took down comes fluttering in front of the camera to show how limping he is as a result. You understand that Rob and Gerda are “done with that cat”. But they bring it so unsympathetic. That cat doesn’t have to die, they say, but it does. If that doesn’t happen, the neighbors will know what to expect. That tends to threaten liquidation.

The unsympathetic is not always wrong. ‘Temporary detention’ during the breeding season would have been an option, if Giovanni’s owners hadn’t rejected the solution earlier. ‘Permanent confinement’ seems to the judge unfriendly to animals. Relocation is the decision. Giovanni has to indulge in birds and fish elsewhere. Limitlessness cannot be limited, only moved.

good to be with VI to hear that Thierry Baudet also has its limits. Özcan Akyol said there that he would share a hotel room with him in Sicily in 2015. I couldn’t quite get my mind on the destination and company. Jeroen Pauw organized it, Eva Jinek and Olaf Koens were also there. In any case, Baudet had built a wall in the common room with a table, mini-bar, suitcases with a blanket over them. Whoever loses the border, cast one.

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