Instant Commerce Expands in EU and US

Instant Commerce Expands in EU and US
Instant Commerce Expands in EU and US

Instant Commerce, an online store building platform, has raised 5.4 million euros in seed capital. This will enable Amsterdammers to tap into new European markets and lay the foundation for an attack on the American market.

In addition, the new funding will be used to accelerate product innovation, double the team from 30 to 60 employees, and expand partnerships and integrations.

The financing round is led by HV Capital, which has previously launched Zalando, Delivery Hero and FlixMobility, among others. With a previous pre-seed investment of 2.1 million euros, 7.5 million euros has now been put into the company founded at the beginning of this year.

Instant Commerce has already acquired more than thirty major customers, including Bols, ID&T, Ekster and Yaya. The platform integrates via APIs with numerous systems such as Shopify, Storyblok and Algolia.

According to the founders Sam van Hees, Doeke Leeuwis and Coen van Hees, their approach of separating the frontend and backend offers many advantages. The website would load faster and omnichannel presence would be easier, according to the trio. They also believe that Instant Commerce can provide consumers with a shopping experience similar to that of the world’s biggest brands. The cost would be a fraction of that.

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