‘Drug addict Ali Sayan (26) kills mother’ –

‘Drug addict Ali Sayan (26) kills mother’ –
‘Drug addict Ali Sayan (26) kills mother’ –

In Bağcılar, a Turkish district in Istanbul province, a young man with mental health problems cut his mother’s throat and threw her out the window.

The suspect set the house on fire when he saw the police teams.

While the detained person was taken to the police station, it was learned that the suspect had previously escaped from a psychiatric hospital.

The incident took place in the evenings. According to the allegations, 26-year-old Ali Sayan, who was a drug addict, for an unknown reason slit his mother Havva Sayan’s throat and threw her out the window.

Citizens in the area who saw the incident reported the situation to police. Riot police took security measures around the house.

Seeing the police, Ali Sayan wanted to resist by setting the house on fire. After long efforts, the police took him into custody.

Uğur Eğriöz, a local resident who witnessed the incident, said:

“I was in the street across the street when I heard noise. When I went downstairs, we saw that he was slitting his mother’s throat.”

“Then there was a shot. I think he was shot in the leg. Then he tried to burn down the house. Rumor has it that he is a drug addict.”

Source: Turkish media

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